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December 14, 2019


The importance of maintenance can not be understated. You have spent thousands on your vehicle and you need to be sure to maintain it properly to keep it in good shape to perform and stay in the best shape for you that it reacts in the way you need it. Bring it into Unique Auto Care Victorville, and know that your vehicle will run out as it should. Call (760) 843 – 9653 to make an appointment for your truck or car repair and/or maintenance.

First, a well-maintained vehicle will last much longer. There is nothing worse than breaking down out on the road somewhere. A regular maintenance schedule can keep many problems absent from your car. And many of these are very expensive to do repairs such as the cooling system, transmission, drive train, and other components. As a bonus, preventive care reduces wear and tear on the engine and other components that extend the life of your vehicle.

Starting on the ground, the tires are the connection of the vehicle to the road. The right air pressure and rotation of the tire ensure the equal wearing of the tires. Checking the tire pressure should be done at least once a month, especially during the changing of the seasons. Maintaining the proper air pressure keeps the tires in better shape and will increase the mileage your vehicle will get, saving the cost of running the car or truck.

The cost of regular maintenance is much lower than the cost of unexpected repairs and replacement of parts. Avoiding maintenance gives way to minor problems that can develop into major repair costs. Regular maintenance of your vehicle allows you to check whether there are any signs of minor problems like cracks, leaks, as well as excessive wear and tear due to friction. If you pay attention to these things and perform repairs, the specific part can be saved and you will not need a replacement for a long time.

Many of the systems in your vehicle use fluids for functioning. Being enclosed in tight chambers, there is no risk of evaporation. Nevertheless, the levels of these fluids deplete over time and the level of protection against friction decreases. If these fluids are not maintained to proper levels it will lead to more wear and tear of the engine and other components, and ultimately you will be required to replace them.

Then there are those items that the vehicle’s running on. It is important to maintain the right air pressure and proper rotation to ensure the equal wearing of your tires. You can do the air pressure when you stop to fuel up at most stations. It is very time consuming but goes a long way in increasing the gas mileage and reducing wear and tear.

One maintenance item of the highest importance is the changing of the oil. This should be done every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. The main reason for its importance is the fact that the oil is the item that keeps the engine from having metal on metal. If that ever happens, you can often write the engine off as just a piece of metal.

Stop by Unique Auto Care Victorville to have the items corrected so you will have the best running vehicle. Investing in the proper truck or car repair will keep the value of your investment at its highest level. Give them a call (760) 843 – 9653 to keep your vehicle running great and save you money.

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